Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

"Pandora for your wall” is how Sid Dickens collectors describe their collection. This artwork is personal, and each persons' collection and display is unique to that individual. Apart from the artwork on the front, the entire collection features many personal messages that commemorate different occasions or conjure a special memory that would make them an ideal versatile art collection as well as  a meaningful gift. Whether hung on a wall or placed in a stand, Sid Dickens tiles are a permanent sentiment always on display.

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have been handmade in Canada since 1995 and are highly collected internationally.  Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting, collectible art for modern life.

Each Memory Block is hand-poured hydrostone plaster that has been hand-painted, then finished to a porcelain-like quality and cracked to create an aged look and feel. It takes over 5 people to finish one piece, making them an individual collectible treasure.

For shipments outside of North America, contact us directly at 1-905-567-9795.

The Spring 2024 Collection

Sid Dickens’ newest Spring 2024 Collection celebrates the feeling of revitalization that surrounds us at winter’s end. As the landscape is transformed with the vibrancy of the new season, nature showcases all that can be gained with efforts, patience, and hope. Like the inevitable passing of a new day, the beauty of the natural world emerges from the winter’s cold like a breath of fresh air that invigorates the senses; its fleeting beauty a reminder to cherish life’s moments, both big and small. Preorder today.

2024 Avant Garde Collection Now In Stock

New memory blocks from Sid Dickens are available in store and online.

Sid Dickens’ Avant Garde Collection invokes both modern and traditional imagery. With its smooth lines and simple, geometric patterns, these designs give the illusion of sculptures carved from stone, contrasting the natural world with a manmade one.

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