Crafted Decor is known for our outstanding Christmas displays. If you love Christmas as much as we do, this is the place to be! Every year, we transform the store into a Christmas wonderland after the first Thursday of November. There is always a line down the block to see the grand unveiling. 



Get Ahead of Decorating

The best way to enjoy a stress free holiday season is to get started early. Preparing for the holidays should be a fun experience whether you go it alone or have recruits to help. A glass of wine or mulled apple cider, Christmas tunes, and holiday fragrance filling your home helps make preparation fun. We're here to help along the way from inspiration and tips to decor and gifts. Stop in anytime, our staff LOVES talking about all things Christmas.

Floral Designs

High quality faux greenery, flowers and holiday decor extends the  holiday season without the upkeep. The floral wreaths, garlands, and centrepieces are spectacular this season - all are one of a kind creations made at Crafted Decor.

Floridus Elves


Bring your Christmas decorating to life! Floridus Elves are sweet and festive collectible figurines that add a whimsical flair to any holiday space. These adorable figurines feature a hand-painted face and fully posable body. They come in a range of sizes from 12 - 26 inches. Clothing details and embellishments are exclusive to each elf, making them a whimsical addition to your banister, staircase, tree, garland or even standing on your mantel.

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