Himalayan 3D Salt Lamp Hamsa with Wooden Base
Himalayan 3D Salt Lamp Hamsa with Wooden Base

Himalayan 3D Salt Lamp Hamsa with Wooden Base

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Transform any room into a cozy oasis with this Himalayan salt lamp! This salt lamp is decorated with a Hamsa design symbolizing the hand of God.

Purify the air and reduce stress levels with its soft, warm glow. Let your home become a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

A Himalayan salt lamp may help with:

Natural air ionizer
Reduce electromagnetic pollution & static electricity
Neutralize negative ions from allergens

Who wouldn't love to have a little bit of peace and tranquility in their home?

NOTE: NOT for outdoor use

Himalayan Salt Lamp information:

Himalayan salt lamps are not only natural works of art that will beautify your home and be sure to create conversation, they are also natural air purifiers. When this crystallized salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains is heated by the bulb inside, it releases negative ions. Negative ions are known to neutralize pollutants in the air, a process which improves indoor air quality.

This beautiful lamp will emit a warm, pleasant glow while helping you breathe easier. Negative ions help maintain energy levels when placed near electronic equipment. They have been known to help with respiratory and sinus conditions, allergies, stress, insomnia, snoring, migraines, anxiety & depression and they also absorb odours and reduce dusting needed in the proximity of the lamp.

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