Raw Unpolished Rose Quartz

Raw Unpolished Rose Quartz

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This soft pink crystal oozes pure love! Rose Quartz is often used in helping the heart heal from emotional pain or trauma. It is believed that crystals in their raw, rough state are more powerful because they have come from Mother Earth in their natural form! This kind of raw energy can be good for someone who needs an energetic break through.

Often, it's recommended to place the Rose Quartz on a special altar in your bedroom, because this is seen to be a vulnerable space where you attract romance. Outside of the bedroom, you can also place the crystal in the center of the home – where it will radiate out positive energy and pure love to all who step over your threshold.

Approx. 9-11 lbs. Made in Brazil. Due to the natural nature of this product, sizes and shape will vary from photo.

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