Trapp Fragrances Melts -  No.75 Hibiscus Prosecco

Trapp Fragrances Melts - No.75 Hibiscus Prosecco

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Trapp luxury wax melts allow you to enjoy your favourite fragrance without the flame. These quality wax melts are some of the best-smelling wax melts on the market, providing up to 30 hours of premium fragrance. Designed to work well in any wax warmer, each luxury wax melt pack comes with 9 multi-sized pieces.

The No. 75 Hibiscus Prosecco Home Fragrance Melt is an intoxicating fusion of Hawaiian hibiscus and ripe pomelo is paired with fruity prosecco. Honey infused with vanilla adds warmth and balance to this floral indulgence.

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