How to Light a Lampe Berger

Did you know Crafted Decor is the largest retailer of Maison Berger in Canada? We have over 60 lampes and 80 accompanying Maison Berger refill fuels for you to choose from. If you recently bought this French home fragrance from Crafted Decor, whether in-store or online, you may be wondering how to use Maison Berger's Lampe Berger. In this helpful blog post, we'll take you through the step by step of how to light a Lampe Berger. 

Maison Berger Lampe Gift Set

1. Select your fuel

In order to light a Lampe Berger you will need both a lamp and a refill fuel.

Although we do sell Lampe Berger gift sets where a 250ml refill fuel is included in the box, in most cases you will need to purchase a bottle of refill fuel seperately. You can purchase either a 500ml refill fuel bottle or a 1L refill fuel bottle. We also carry duo packs which include two bottles of 250ml fuel. 

Since a Lampe Berger is a catalytic combustion device, it requires some air in the lamp to work correctly. This means that you only need to fill your lamp 3/4 of the way up with fuel. But how much fuel is that?

Normally, for most lamps, an entire 250ml bottle will fill up a lamp 3/4 of the way up. A 250ml bottle will provide up to 10 hours of burn time and 40 hours of lingering fragrance. 

A 500ml bottle will provide up to 20 hours of burn time and 80 hours of lingering fragrance whereas a 1L bottle will provide up to 40 hours of burn time and 160 hours of lingering fragrance. 

These figures should help you get a sense of how much refill fuel you might need. At the minimum, you will definitely need at least one 250ml bottle.

Pouring fuel in Maison Berger Lampe

2. Use the funnel to pour the fuel

At Crafted Decor, all Lampe Berger is accompanied with a funnel and a wick already in the box so you don't have to worry about purchasing those seperately.

Place the plastic funnel over the lamp, open the fuel bottle and pour the fuel into the lamp so that it is up to 3/4 of the way full. 

Inserting wick into Maison Berger Lampe

3. Insert the wick

Now it's time to insert the cotton wick into the lamp. Gently push the wick all the way down into the lamp so that it is submerged in the fuel. Make sure that the burning part of the wick sits nicely on the lamp mouth. 

One thing you should note about the wicks is that they do need to be replaced from time to time. We recommend that you replace them every year for your Lampe Berger to burn correctly. You can buy a replacement wick at Crafted Decor as well.

Light Maison Berger lampe 

Blowing out Maison Berger Lampe

4. Light the wick for 2 minutes

For this next step, you will need either a lighter or matches. We sell a wonderful electric, rechargable lighter, that works great with a Lampe Berger. The lighter's sleek aesthetic perfectly compliments these high-end lamps, elevating your home fragrance ritual. 

If you're using the electric lighter, bring it in close proximity to the wick and push the button forward. Immediately, the wick will catch flame. Let the flame burn for 2 minutes. Keep a close eye on the clock. 

After 2 minutes, blow out the flame with your mouth. 

Protective cap of Maison Berger Lampe

5. Put the protective cap on the lamp

Every Lampe Berger comes with a protective cap, included in the box. Put this protective cap on top of the wick. When the wick is burning, it gets very hot. The protective cap will help prevent any burns caused by accidently touching the wick. 

Let your lamp burn for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can choose to move it to a different part of the house so that the fragrance diffuses in that area of the home too. Keep it burning for as long as you want. Be sure to keep tabs on how much fuel remains in the lamp so you can also be economical. 

Stop Maison Berger Lampe

6. Turn off the lamp with the stopper cap

When you're ready to turn off your Lampe Berger, simply remove the protective cap and put the stopper cap on. Once the stopper cap is on, you can put the protective cap back on over the stopper cap for decorative purposes. This way, you also won't lose either cap.

Based on the amount of fuel that was in your lamp to begin with, you'll also enjoy a lingering fragrance a little while after turning off the lamp. 

Questions about to light a Lampe Berger from Crafted Decor? Leave a comment below. 

Photo credits: Maison Berger Paris

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