Everlasting Candle Co.

Handcrafted by a husband and wife team in Canada, the Everlasting Candle is the no drip, smoke-free,scent-free solution to ambiance - with a clean burning, real flame.

They’re a one of a kind indoor oil candle with an elegant and timeless design that was created 17 years ago by a family member who had a love for ambiance and an eye for decor. With a patent pending, this unique design has been brought to life and is ready to be shared with you.

After launching the product in Winter 2018, it’s no surprise the candles have become sought after across North America. With features in magazine gift guides and social media platforms sharing the excitement online, it’s clear they have created something spectacular and like nothing seen before.

The Everlasting Candle range features 3 handcrafted metal candles with a choice of silver, champagne, or copper matte finish, as well as a custom hand-blown ‘Ayden’ glass vase. The set is complete with ‘PristineOil’ which is clean burning, odourless and smoke-free.

The Everlasting Candle is comprised of 3 separately purchased items to suit your style:

metal candles - 3 handcrafted metal candles come boxed with a choice of silver, champagne, or copper matte finish

glass vase - a custom hand-blown ‘Ayden’ or 'Mother' glass vase.

Pristine Oil - With a clean burning flame, the Everlasting Candle® is smoke free, soot free, and odourless. Each bottle allows the candles to burn for 50-60 hours. 

How Does It Work?

Add three inches of Pristine oil to the ‘Ayden’ glass vase and submerge candles.

Once the candles have soaked for four hours, light the tops and enjoythe clean burning flame!

You can light them over and over again without ever having to replace the wick; making them completely... Everlasting.

4 products

4 products