Maison Berger (Lampe Berger)


      Our sense of smell is very powerful; it can change your mood, state of mind, or atmosphere. When using home fragrance products, you want to make sure that you are using the best quality products because indoor air quality is also a concern when spending so much of our daily lives in one space.

      We all want to eliminate household odours, improve indoor air quality, and enjoy quality fragrance - but do it with quality products that are safe, beautiful, and functional - Maison Berger products encompass all these qualities.

      As Canada’s LARGEST Maison Berger boutique, Crafted Decor carries the entire collection of scents  (and refills), endeavour to always have them in stock.  If you are looking for a new lamp or fragrance - it is worth the drive to see the entire collection in person, all in ONE place! We will help you make a list of your favourite scents so that you can order online for a future purchase.
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