PooPourri Natural Formula Odor Eliminating Sprays


      Experience the Freshness of PooPourri: Say Goodbye to Odors and Hello to Natural, Effective, Odour Eliminators.

      Poopourri is a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing the way we handle odors with their unique and natural odor control solutions.  Specializing in creating innovative, eco-friendly sprays.

      Company Specialty:

      • Natural Bathroom Odor Elimination: PooPourri specializes in developing natural, non-toxic bathroom sprays that effectively neutralize odors.  Unlike traditional air fresheners that mask smells, PooPourri's unique formula traps odors beneath the water's surface, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

      • Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Committed to sustainability, PooPourri products are made from natural essential oils and environmentally-friendly ingredients. This ensures that every spray is non-toxic and safe for you, your family, and the planet.

      • Innovative Product Range: Beyond their signature bathroom sprays, PooPourri has expanded its product line to include ShoePourri, PetPourri, CarPourri, and BabyPourri, addressing odor control needs throughout every aspect of your life.

      • Trusted and Loved by Millions: Since its inception, PooPourri has garnered a loyal customer base and numerous celebrity endorsements, making it a trusted name in odor control. Their products are a favorite for their effectiveness, delightful scents, and commitment to natural ingredients.

      PooPourri is dedicated to enhancing your everyday life with innovative and natural solutions to common odor problems.  Whether at home, on the go, or gifting to loved ones, Poopourri provides a fresh and pleasant experience with their thoughtfully crafted products. Crafted Decor is proud to have discovered this amazing product and be an original retailer when PooPourri was first starting out.

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