Lampe Berger (Catalytic Lamps)


      Invented in 1898, Maison Berger moved from a medical device to a popular household item during the last epidemic. For the past 20 years the catalytic lamp (know as Lampe Berger) has been a top seller at Crafted Decor for many reasons:

      • its unrivalled ability to completely remove unwanted household odours (pets, cooking, smoking, and even skunk!)
      • diffusing long lasting luxury fragrances (fragrance linger up to 4x longer than burn time - light for 1/2 hour, scent lingers for approx 2 hours)
      • purifying the air (this used to be an important feature in flu season, when we would see an uptick in sales as customers tried to keep their households from spreading germs). Now, THIS has again become its most important feature (as in a century ago).
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