A'marie Handmade Soap


      Artisan Petal Soap Flowers inspired by the loveliness of the garden, and are made with nourishing botanical ingredients, with fragrances reminiscent of nature’s beauty - inviting you to savour everyday moments with intention and delight. Perfect for your powder room or ensuite bath.

      If you are looking for a unique gift to impress, or a gift for someone who has everything, A’marie’s flower soaps are just the thing! From the individually created soap and custom box, to the luxurious use of each long lasting flower -  a useful and luxurious gift that is sure to be remembered and appreciated. 

      Each flower is:

      • Hand-pieced together one petal at a time
      • Pull a petal from the outside and the remaining flower stays intact
      • Dropping a few petals in the bath water creates a skin-softening soak
      • Made with shea butter, goat’s milk, and coconut oil for a moisturizing and gentle-cleansing lather
      • Each Bloom is at least 97-100% natural
      • All fragrances are phthalate free
      • Each large bloom has at least 35 petals, plus a bar of soap at the bottom
      • Each single petal offers a full body cleanse or 10 hand washes
      • Each flower offers over 300 hand washes + a  bar of soap
      • Individually boxed in classic custom box.  Includes: description, story flower cellophaned, tissue, and clear stand (to place a petal on top of)
      • Size 5x5x3.5”

      Handcrafted in  Mississippi.


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