Is Lampe Berger and Maison Berger the Same?

If you love home fragrance, particularly luxury home fragrance, then you're probably no stranger to Maison Berger Paris. They have an iconic product, called the Lampe Berger, which purifies the airs and diffuses high-quality fragrance - all made in France. The fragrances come in an array of scent profiles from zesty such as Lemon Flower to woody and refreshing such as Ocean Breeze. They even have Neutral for those that want to purify their air scent-free or who might experience headaches, nausea or respiratory problems when they inhale scent.

But, you may be a little confused about the names "Lampe Berger" and "Maison Berger." Is Lampe Berger and Maison Berger the same? Are these names interchangeable? What do they mean in French? In this blog post, let's breakdown the difference. 

What is Lampe Berger?

Lampe Berger is the name of the product line that started it all - it was the only line for over 100 years. It is a catalytic combustion device that kills germs and bacteria which cause odours, it carries international patents and has won numerous national and global awards for it's innovative, yet simple, technology.  

Translated from French to English, Lampe Berger means Berger lamp. It is called this because French pharmacist, Maurice Berger, patented this catalytic lamp and the device is named after him. 

What is Maison Berger?

Lampe Berger changed their name to Maison Berger several years ago because they felt the need to add more home fragrance categories for the fragrances they had developed. The company was so well established as a luxury home fragrance brand in Europe, so the rebranding name was simple. Translated from French, it means "Berger House" (or house of fragrance). With this name change, the company could now expand into more fragrancing options for the luxury fragrances they had developed (such are car diffusers, room diffusers, and air misters).

Lampe Berger and Maison Berger are directly related. Lampe Berger is the name of a product. Maison Berger is the name of the brand that makes Lampe Berger. In 2018, after operating as Lampe Berger for 120 years, Lampe Berger rebranded to Maison Berger Paris. The new name reflects the other range of products the company sells which includes reed diffusers and car diffusers. 

No one can argue that French create some of the best fragrances developed worldwide. Making Maison Berger an internationally sought after prestigious home fragrance company. Buy it for yourself, or gift it as a gift - it is sure to impress.

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