Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

2023 price increase coming

Effective April 1st, memory blocks currently $121.00 will increase to $125.00 Cdn.

2023 Retailer Limited Edition

PRE-ORDER now! These memory blocks are available for a limited time only. Retiring March 30th!

Sid Dickens’ newest Retailer Exclusive Collection is an appreciation of time and its fleeting nature.

Four new memory blocks are: Wisteria (RLE23-04), Tapestry of Life (RLE23-03), Swallow's Tale (RLE23-02), Bygone Beauty (RLE23-01).

Shipment expected end of May 2023.


Sid Dickens’ new Spring 2023 release is full of bright images, uplifting us with its colourful palette for the new season.

The Spring 2023 Collection showcases a new chapter of life filled with purpose and determination. As winter’s darkness wears away, the time to take hold of everything life has to offer is upon us. The season to thrive is now, where all our aspirations are within reach as we approach the new year head on.


      Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have been handmade in Canada since 1995 and are highly collected internationally.  Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting, collectible art for modern life.

      Each Memory Block is hand-poured hydrostone plaster that has been hand-painted, then finished to a porcelain-like quality and cracked to create an aged look and feel. It takes over 5 people to finish one piece, making them an individual collectible treasure.

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